Download Audio Manager App (Hide it Pro apk) v6.0 Latest for Android

  Audio Manager (Hide it Pro) Apk download for Android Operating System devices. Download Audio Manager APK for Android Smartphones, Tablets and for other Android devices from our website which is available up to date for free. Audio Manager Hide File App is one of the popular Application for Android OS phones and device through which a user can able to hide his data. This Software for Android allow users to hide Files from phone, hide your pictures, videos, Application and all other data from on your Android phone. If you are looking for an application to hide your files from your mobile or other android device then Audio Manger App (Hide Files App) is one of the best app for hiding files. With the help of this Application you can easily hide files from your phone’s gallery. Hide Files under a strong password so no one can approach at your private data.      Download Audio Manager App from the download link available at the last of the page. Click on the download link to get Audio Manager APK File for your Android device. Hide you personal & private photos & videos from your phone gallery and access them easily using a secret password. Share your Android phone with other without any worry about privacy. Hide photos & Videos with hide it pro and Lock with  hide It Pro apk . Audio Manager File Hide App is safe locker for your private pictures, videos. This App also enables you to hide Calls in your phone, your messages and Applications.This App is most downloaded security Application for Android Phones and downloaded by over 10000 users worldwide. Now its your turn to download Audio Manager App (Hide It Pro). Download Hide It Pro APK now and install it on your device. Make your all files safe and secure from others.   Audio Manager apk (Android Hide Files App) Features:  

  • This App is available for free download.
  • Audio Manager App allows you to hide files, pictures, calls and App on your Android.
  • User-Friendly App and easy in use.
  • Best Locker for Android Smartphones and other devices.
  • Disappear Apps from your Phone menu, so no one get into your Apps.
  • Keep Safe your files, photos and videos with Audio Manager(Hide Files).

Audio Manager allows users to manage their Android device’s audio settings. When a user opens the app, they’re presented with various audio settings to tweak. Every version of the Android operating system comes with a similar built-in feature. However, Audio Manager hides its best feature behind a long press of the app icon. A long press opens the app’s hidden feature, a security locker that protects data from prying eyes. Hide It Pro is the true name of Audio Manager, but only the device owner should as much.

How Does Audio Manager/Hide It Pro Function?

On the Google Play Store, users will download and install Hide It Pro. The application installs onto the device as Audio Manager, with a unique app icon included. Only the device owner should know the apps’ true nature and function. Everyone else that access the app will see nothing more than audio controls. In fact, the included audio sliders and settings are quite in-depth, allowing for customization beyond stock Android settings. It’s interesting this “fake” app is fully fleshed out and functional.

By long-pressing on Audio Manager, Hide It Pro launches instead of the fake app. Hide It Pro is a security-focused app that allows users to hide data on their devices. They can select everything from documents to images and videos to entire apps for safekeeping. The process of transferring data from the phone into the secure folder couldn’t be easier. From there, the data or apps are hidden from everyone but the main device user. An optional password feature further protects data from accidental discovery on the device.

Hide It Pro works as intended, and that’s a great thing. The app doesn’t come with too many downsides or problems. During regular use, an individual shouldn’t notice force crashes or performance issues with any frequency. Data and apps are hidden from view, and a casual user won’t stumble upon this data by accident. Even someone looking may not find the data because Hide It Pro is so effective. Perhaps the only downside involves higher than normal battery use, which users may or may not notice based on their devices.

Not everyone needs a secure folder on their smartphone or tablet. Even fewer individuals need a hidden secure folder. Nonetheless, Hide It Pro performs its functions without compromises, and the Audio Manager feature isn’t too bad, either. Plenty of similar apps cause problems during everyday use. Hide It Pro manages to avoid most of these pitfalls, and it’s a nice-looking app. From a security standpoint, Hide It Pro gets everything right and protects sensitive data from prying eyes.


  • Hide It Pro protects data and apps from being accessed by others
  • Optional password provides further protection from intrusion
  • Smooth user interface and great overall design language throughout the app


  • Battery life may suffer on certain devices with the app running
  • Not everyone needs this type of app for daily use

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